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This period began in 3000 B.C until 500 A.D. this period we also call the antiquity.
(the rich women)
The rich women wore long dresses which were made from wool and linen. These dresses are called a tunica. Men wore them also but womens tunicas are longer and must reach the ground. These dresses are very loose and usually with a wide collar. Some women wore an even more loose and thin dress on top of the other dress. This thin dress is called a stola. A very neat woman wore a shawl over the long dress to show the other women that they are rich. When women are married and have a family they wore a veil or headgear.
(the rich men)
Rich men wore a gown. This is basically a long garment. The toga is six meters long and the men had to fold it around themselves. But they had to fold it precisely because the garment had to go over the left arm but not over
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They wore a tunica. A tunica is basically a short dress or a long shirt. The arms and the collar are wide so they could move very easily. Most of the men had a belt or a rope around their waist otherwise the tunica would be very wide. It would look like a pillowcase with holes in it. The tunica was very thin this was handy for warm days and hard work. The men wore leather soles with laces they bound them around their feet.
( food )
The most important meal for the romans was the "cena". The cena was almost always in the evening. Although this was only for the rich people. The poor people ate porridge made of cooked bread. Th rich people loved big meals. The starter could be raw vegetables, eggs or fish. The main dish could be a filled mouse or a uterus from a lamb filled with sausage. The dessert was usually fresh or dried fruit. If the rich people wanted to make a really good impression on the guests they had a bear filled with birds that were alive so when they cut the bear the birds would fly away to give a special effect.
(hair of

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