Essay On Roman Legacy

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Greatest Roman Legacy Ever hear of the Roman Empire? One of the greatest, largest and most successful empires in the history of the world. Have you ever though how much the Romans have impacted our lives today? The Romans left legacies behind. These legacies can still be seen in our everyday lives today..The Roman legacy that has impacted today 's society today the most is the Romans architecture and engineering, everyone knows that the Romans feats in architecture are astounding for their era as well as their engineering.The quote "Rome fell but it 's legacy lived on" describes how even though the Roman Empire no longer exists, they really left their mark on society today, by means of architecture and engineering, art, language and…show more content…
Roman roads were truly revolutionary in their time. They were originally made for transporting army troops, but were later used for trade and every day travel. Roads are now used in every day life, and definitely changed the world, they decrease travel time dramatically and also were a great way of transporting information. These roads were a total of 55,000 miles long and took over 700 years to build. Yet they are still mostly in tact today. People could get places quicker, more efficiently,and safer. Roman roads have been compared to the Internet, they both are used for the flow of information, and they both revolutionized the speed at which things are done. You can see roads everywhere today, all over the world. The Romans even invented a concept of crowning their roads, which means that they go up in the middle and slant down towards the sides so that the water runs off, this concept is still used to day on the roads we drive on. The Roman legacy that is the greatest, is by far the legacies of architecture and engineering. This legacy is the greatest because of the mark the Romans made by means of arches,stadiums, and roads. These truly revolutionized architectural strategies even today.These legacies that they left behind, have changed our lives even today and have influenced architects and engineers, inspired builders and changed our world. Those Romans, where would we be without
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