Essay On Roman Society

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According to Roman tradition, “what makes a good society” lies within the ability to obtain and sustain power, wealth, and stature, as well as being Roman, despite the Roman culture’s emphasis on moral values. But the gradual transformation of the Roman society and leadership, bloomed the realization of Christian traditions and morals converting the meaning of what makes a good society in the Roman tradition. As a polytheistic culture, the Roman’s legacy is grounded in stories of the gods, beginning with Romulus and Remus, sons of a Latin Princess and Mars, the god of war. Rome was said to be founded by Romulus in 753 BC and named for him. Early Rome was ruled by kings in tandem with the Senate until 509 BC. Above all else, politics was the stronghold of the Roman empire and fueled just about every aspect of rule; finance, military, religion or the lack there of, power,…show more content…
This system was developed to prevent the establishment of a monarchy. Although families with money and status were the most powerful, and said to be entitled to “the good life”, politics became a game for the rich as they took to offices with the intent of enforcing the patronage system, keeping the power of political office in the wealthiest families. Greed and extortion of power caused a breakdown in integrity as the poorer citizens were forced to get support from those with money in order to receive fair treatment. Those in office realized the monetary gain that could be obtained from politics when they began to prosper from the spoils of war. The regions with the most powerful armies gained land, money, and servants during the 500-year rise of Rome. Romans in power seemed obsessed with the destruction and ultimate conquering of lands as they spread into Italy and creating conflict with regions like Carthage and Sicily. Greed eventually lead the expansion into Greece and
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