Ancient Rome: The Rise Of Ancient Civilization

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Ancient civilizations had lots of technology that they used in order to survive. Ancient Rome has one of the strongest and massive empires. The ancient settlement was located on the Southern part of Europe that now is called Italy. The settlement began as a small town founded in the 753 B.C. by a tribe of Latins. Ancient Rome stretched from the Caspian Sea and the Red Sea in the East, across Northern Africa to Spain in the West, and to England in the North. When their settlement first settled in this region they called their settlement Ramones. And then the name gradually changed to Romans. There settlement settled there because of the good water source and because it was a good location for getting food. They had a river next to them that…show more content…
Around 700 B.C, the Etruscans brought West Asian ideas about architecture to Italy and they taught these ideas to the Romans. Romans don't have much Etruscan architecture left but lots of their underground tombs do survive and some traces of their temples. Ancient Roman architecture and technology was very important to the Roman way of life.The first technology that ancient Romans used for architecture were hammers, clay to build wedge and ink.Today we still use ink and we use paint. Most of the building structures, mechanics, crafted structures were really famous around the world. Examples of Roman technology would be bridges, roads and military technology. The Roman bridges were the first with an arch, and were also used for military transport. The roads were also used for military transport. Their roads are also long lasting, and most have been there for over 1000 years. The Military Technology was mainly for offensive attack and were more concerned for their artillery. Their defensive side was focused on…show more content…
Some of the people who worked on farms were slaves, but most of them were free. They grew wheat and barley and olives and grapes and apples, onions and celery. Mostly they sold what they grew in markets in the towns, and bought food in the market to eat, as most farmers do today. And they paid taxes, as farmers do today. Roman farmers paid their taxes partly in money and partly in food.With the money they got from selling their crops, these Roman farmers also bought clothes and furniture and tools. They bought flip-flops and glass drinking cups and animals to sacrifice to the gods.Rome had money called SPQR.
Agriculture Technology
People learned to farm more than twelve thousand years ago. The first farmers used simple technology. They carried water to their crops by hand. They made farm tools from wood and animal bones. Over the centuries, ancient farmers devised better technology. Ancient Middle Easterners learned to breed sheep to produce different colors of wool. The ancient Chinese learned how to grow more rice using irrigation techniques. The ancient Greeks built machines for pumping water, grinding grain, and crushing grapes and olives.
Technology Over

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