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- By P Sai Kanaka Durga

English literature as it is not limited to a single country or race of the people so it si replete with varied kaleidoscopic representation of themes and motives. As literature, according ot New Historicism and Cultural Materialism, represents society and human life, it also fathoms deep into the enigmas surrounding existence. One of those enigmas, as it has been expected to be never solved is the enigma of death and mutability of life. In Romantic age spanning across 1798 to 1850, many writers like William Wordsworth, P B Shelly, Lord Byron, S T Coleridge, John Keats dealth with the predominant
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Romantic age begins with the publication of Lyrical Ballads in 1798 jointly by William Wordsworth and S T Coleridge. This age preferred human emotions and feelings over arid reason and logic. The Romantic age faced the fundamental questions of life and death head on. It is in contrast with the preceding ages of Neo-classicism and Restoration age.

John Keats lived life for twenty five years, in very young age he tasted the sense of mortality. Like the youth of his own time he too had ambition in life, he mastered the art of a surgeon as well as a poet, he too had nurtured the feelings of youthful love, but the fate had something different impending for John Keats. He suffered from consumption fro am early age. He experienced the pain of death solemnly waiting for it. He did not know when it comes but for sure he knew it would come soon.

Keats might have feared of death, it might have made him shivered with pain and it might have caused his life to skip existential sublimity and conjugal bliss. But if we delve deep into his poetry we come to conclude that Keats at last conquered the death, death itself had become a thing of

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