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6 Essentials of a romantic bedroom Ever wondered about the secret recipe of a romantic bedroom? Just by stepping into which you will start breathing into a perfumed environment, listening to the music in the air and have tender feelings embrace you from all directions? A place where after a hard day’s work you come to feel reassured rejuvenated? Setting up a gentle atmosphere for your altar of love, your bedroom, is no mean feat. However, remember that old adage that to feel love you must first cultivate love in your heart. As Rumi said, “Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” With that in mind we will now set down the bare essentials of creating a romantic bedroom. Sensuous Colour Scheme A romantic bedroom boasts of a soft and sensuous colour palette, is not overly dramatic and…show more content…
This will keep the bedroom air perfumed and help in setting in the romantic mood. A photograph of you two, small sculptures etc are some other embellishments that your bedroom may deserve. Lighting up a Cheerful Room Light up your room in such a way that ensures all corners of your bedroom receives ample amount of light. Nowadays, a combination of ambient lighting, bedside lamps and chandeliers are installed to light up a reasonably sized bedroom. Like all the other elements of your bedroom, light should be soft and soothing instead of being glaring. Unless you are having unusually high ceilings, do not have chandeliers that are too heavy or fussy in looks placed on your bed. Do not ignore the natural light. Do not block the large windows in such a way that you deprive yourself from sufficient sunshine in day time. And, there is hardly anything more romantic than having a room bathed with soft moonlight on full moon. Switch off all the artificial lights then, put on some sweet music and enjoy a glorious time with your

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