Essay On Romantic Relationships

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Depending on who you are and where you stand in your life you can have a very distinct view on romantic relationships. Some people might think they are a waste of time while others might think they are the best thing to ever happen to them, and everyone should be in a romantic relationship to experience the same happiness they are feeling. Both these opinions are valid, and can be positions that you can take on romantic relationships, but one thing is certain romantic relationships almost always have turning points. Either for the better of for the worse of the relationship and they are challenges that people need to know how to overcome. When people are in relationships they often have a point in time when they consider their romantic relationship…show more content…
For instance a negative romantic turning point can be an argument, a misunderstanding, and also breaking up. Even through these romantic turning points are looked at as ones you wouldn’t want to go through they are great times to learn from them. For instance if you get in an argument with a significant other it is a perfect time to be able to see how both of you can best resolve your dispute and communicate the disruptenses between each other. Chances are that if you avoid the problem or argument you can build more tension between each other since it will go unsolved. From first hand experience I know that addressing an issue with your significant other as soon as possible is a way to avoid any increase of unwanted negative tension. Of course this could different for many people since all romantic couples are different and have different ways of solving their issues but you have to be able to know how to solve issues in the way that best fits your relationship. When resolving a romantic turning point it can sometimes lead to a better understanding of each other between the couple which can be eventually be beneficial to the people that are in the relationship. Romantic turning points can also be a very good indicator of the status of a relationship. If you are having a lot of negative romantic turning points that can be a sign that something may be wrong between you and your partner or it can be a good
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