Roman Empire Geography

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The Roman empire was one of the most powerful or the most powerful empire in ancient times. A portion of this can be credited to its location in an area with good geography and climate. However, once the empire was vast enough its geography varied quite a bit. It went from the moderate climate of northern Italy too much warmer climates in northern Africa. In Italy, the central part of the empire, stood the city of Rome. Back when Rome was just a small village along the banks of the Tiber river, its geography gave it many advantages. One of the biggest of those is its location along a river. Because these were hundreds of years in B.C.E. people relied on rivers and ponds for drinking and bathing. However, rivers were much better than lakes …show more content…

For example, if an invasion was occurring in Egypt. But the bulk of their armies were stationed in the city of Rome the general could load them into ships and send them by sea which is much faster than traveling by foot which any land-locked countries like Mongolia would have to do. Fully surrounding the Meditteranean was also very useful in creating trade routes between major cities throughout the empire. Eventually, the empire grew so big that it had to be split in two, the Western Roman Empire being controlled by Rome, and the Eastern by Constantinople. The geography did not really contribute to the downfall of the kingdom. The biggest parts in destroying the empire were the Visigoths and …show more content…

From a simple city/state to two vast empires ruled by powerful dictators. As you (hopefully) know, Rome in its infancy was just a small village on the river Tiber. After Rome grew a bit it became more akin to that of a city/state, its central governing city still being Rome. The next key phase in the evolution of the government of Rome was the Roman monarchy. This phase is characterized by its monarch rulers and, has little known of it as few records exist dating back to that era. The little records historians have at their disposal are fantasies at best and give little to no facts about the time period. Next came the Republic. This was a revolutionary form of government which has been mimicked time and time again by other countries. Finally was the dictatorship which was ruled by extremely powerful dictators who had full control of the

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