Essay On Ronald Reagan Leadership

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Ronald Reagan displayed strong leadership during not only his presidency, but throughout his life, beginning in high school. While studying in high school and college, Reagan was also leading his peers as an athlete, captain, lifeguard, student body president, and student council president. As a leader, Reagan inspired others as he advocated for those around him. As young adults and students, we can pursue leaderships roles to affect our peers just as Reagan did. Over the course of my high school career, I have become a leader among my peers and I have made a positive difference in my school, community, and family. As a student, I made the choice to become a leader. It is something that anyone can do, but most do not. I began as a silent leader; I led by example.…show more content…
During my third year of National Honor Society, I lead as an officer, the community service representative. Becoming an officer did not make me a leader in my community, I had already been one, but it did strengthen my leadership by adding to my responsibilities. I started as a leader in my community when I began volunteering for different organizations. As an officer, my communication skills strengthened because it was necessary for me to be in contact with organizations in my community in order to discover information about community service opportunities to relay to the other members. As for being a leader in my family, I did not choose to be one; I automatically became a leader the moment my little sister was born. My little sister would inevitably look up to me as a role model. She would follow my example, and that is the reason why I needed to be a strong leader and leave a good example to follow. I am not perfect and have made numerous mistakes, but I have attempted to be a good role model. I will also become a leader in my family by setting a precedent as the first family member to attend college and earn a
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