Essay On Rosaleen In Sue Monk Kidd's Characters

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Rosaleen was an very strong role model in Lily’s life. The author Sue Monk Kidd portrays it in the novel in many ways. Lily’s mother passed away and left when Lilly was just a little girl sitting at only 4 years old. Since that day Rosaleen decided too stepped in and showed her all the steps in life, even if she was there housekeeper but they still created such a strong bond. Rosaleen was a African American so lily did experience the racial hatred Rosaleen received but Lily did not care what color she was all she cared was what the person she was in the inside. The author portrays their relationship as a family. Kidd showed how Lily and Rosaleen cared and loved each other more like a family would than a friend would since all they had were each other cause T-ray, ( Lily’s fathers ) who wasn’t all that such a father figure in her life. She showed them sticking through everything not giving up on each other. When Rosaleen got into the conflict with the white men lily was the one who helps her out of the hospital where the arresting officers had beaten her up.

In the novel, Sue Monk Kidd wants the readers to see that they always don’t depend on each other. Sometimes Lily depends on Rosaleen for her stability, love and mothering. Sue Monk
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They are family. Sue monk kidd portrayed that in many ways throughout the novel. They had such an emotional relationship that the author even wanted the readers to feel what they had while reading the novel. Kidd showed how they stuck together through everything as a family. That’s what Kidd’s idea of this novel was, is a family imagine. Considering Rosaleen is much older and more independent than Lily, she was by her said when her mom passed, when her father was not there, and running away together. They both have a special bond seeing Rosaleen as her only mother figure and I think that Kidd portrayed it perfectly in the
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