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Which is easier to train – Rottweiler or German Shepherd?
Rottweilers and German Shepherds are among the most popular dog breeds nowadays with people admiring not only their beautiful coats but their intelligence and courage too.
But have you ever wonder which dog is easier to train – the Rottweiler of the German Shepherd? This might look like an easy question, but to find the answer we have to take a good look at both breeds and their history and personality.

History of the breeds
You probably don’t know, but both breeds have their roots in Germany. However, the German Shepherd (GSD) is a relatively new breed, emerging in the late 19 century. The Rottweiler can trace its history back to the ancient Romans and a mastiff-type dog they used for pulling carts.
Both dogs were created for the same purpose
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Which one is easier to train?
When we take into account everything we said until here, we can conclude that both GSD and Rottweilers are highly trainable dogs. After all, both dogs do an amazing job as part of the police force, and you can’t achieve this with a dog that is hard to train.
But from my research, most sources point out that the German Shepherd is slightly easier to train than the Rottweiler due to its ability to adapt quickly to changes in the environment and its temperament. As we already have established, the German Shepherd is a very intelligent animal that hates boredom and enjoys spending time with his owner. You can train a GSD to do almost any task or trick with enough patience and positive reinforcement.
Rottweilers, on the other hand, are more dominant, strong-willed and independent. They require a confident owner, who won’t hesitate to be in charge and show his dog who is the leader. You must earn the respect of this dog, or you'll have a hard time training him. And if you don't enforce your rules constantly, he will find a loophole to

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