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The worldwide fascination of royal weddings escalated over three decades ago when Prince Charles wed Diana, the Duchess of Wales. This phenomenon now continues with their sons Prince William and Prince Harry. Within the next three months, another Royal Wedding will be in the spotlight, specifically the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle. People from across the globe will be tuning in to watch this national phenomenon, just as they did for Prince William and Princess Kate’s wedding in the year 2011. Brit officials estimated that about two billion people worldwide tuned into the Royal family wedding of William and Kate, resulting in it being the largest audience for a single television event during this time period. As time has progressed Royal couples and their circumstances have changed dramatically. According to the Marriage Act of 1772, each Royal family member must…show more content…
Similarly, people across the country and globe people woke up, at early hours in order to tune into the national event, Prince William, and Princess Kate’s Wedding. Before attending school that day in 2011, I marched into my parent’s room wearing a classic vintage hat, correspondingly to those in which the wedding guests were wearing at the actual event. Despite being so young, I recall my excitement of the event and was so intrigued to learn more about the Royal Family. The Royal Wedding even seems to be an economy booster; I remember television networks, such as QVC, selling look replica items of Princess Kate’s engagement ring, which was Princess Diana’s ring originally. The Royal wedding seems to be a time where retailers can profit from selling Royal themed merchandise. By buying this merchandise, common people have the ability to feel more connected to members of the Royal
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