Bullying And Rudeness In The Workplace Essay

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Bullying and rudeness in the work place – one particular example of organisational misbehaviour, are characteristics that should be actively prevented and addressed by an organisation. The impact of this form of misbehaviour can negatively affect the individual and the organisation as a whole, and thus this risk should be mitigated. In the following report, this form of misbehaviour, reflected by the adjoining video clip, will be analysed and the best approach to rectify bullying and rudeness in the workplace will be recommended.


The major theme in relation to the video clip is bullying and rudeness. The clip displays a person with greater authority showing unreasonable behaviours including rudeness to a subordinate in a work place environment. This behaviour, whilst inappropriate regardless of its frequency, in this particular example, the rudeness is escalated to the more serious misbehaviour of workplace bullying as the behaviours are repeated, unreasonable and cause harm or have potential to cause harm (Caponecchia & Wyatt 2011). Workplace bullying is often about power, it involves one colleague attempting to remove and obtain personal and organisation power from another colleague in personalised and sustained campaign
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These misbehaviours are a reflection of the poor management of power structures of the organisation. Properly managed these structures would otherwise inhibit the ability for an individual to adopt this form of misbehaviour. As highlighted in this report, these negatively affect not only the individual, but also the organisational, particularly in regards to its culture. This analysis is supported by the use of the video clip referred to throughout, presenting the organisational misbehaviour distinctly, exposing the subsequent response to understand the influence on the

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