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“Pakistani society is divided into two segments. Draw a comparison of rural and urban ways of life.” Introduction: Based on the density of population, development, amenities, employment opportunities, education, etc. human settlement is majorly divided into two categories i.e. Urban and Rural. People often juxtapose these two types of human settlement, but they are different. Urban refers to a human settlement where the rate of urbanization and industrialization is high. On the other hand, in a rural settlement, is one where the rate of urbanization is quite slow. Urban: In human settlements urban stands for an area that is characterizes by high human population and vast human built infrastructures in comparison to the areas surrounding it. City, towns, conurbations are examples of urban and these…show more content…
On the other hand it is available at cheaper rates in rural area. Inflation has vast impact on urban while in rural areas, people can live easily with low income. Standard of living in urban is high as compare to rural. 4: Urban has some rules of law and order maintained by authorities: Urban society has some rules and law which are keep up by authorities as a result of which they enjoy peaceful and secure life. 5: Because of urbanization, urban society suffers from a lot of problems: Urbanization has lead to many problems within the urban society. Because of large population, there is high rate of crime. Rural life is full with peace. Unlike urban life, it is not surrounded with machines and artificial means for living. Because of urbanization, people in cities are constantly exposed to high level of pollution, adulterated food and chemically grown vegetables, which adversely affects their health, owing to which the average life of people living is cities is less than people living in rural area. 6: Political activities: 7:

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