Essay On Rural Issues

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Three Rural Issues
First of all, eliminating the “Three Rural Issues” phenomenon s laborious. “Three Rural Issues” indicates the social problems of Chinese rural area, agriculture and peasant caused by the wealth gap, loss in rural population, etc. Agricultural issue, due to the opening of market, small peasant economy is not able to compete with other big agricultural countries. Large amount of peasant finds jobs in cities, lead to low productivity in agriculture.
Rural Area issue, due to diminished productivity, lack of infrastructure and exploitation, and high taxation by local governments and corporations, peasants in rural areas are extremely poor.
Peasant issue, a lot of peasants are unemployed and do not have access to social
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Over born child or child born out of marriage is not allowed to enter household registration, which has led to black household (without Hukou). Citizens without Hukou face difficulty in employment, education and medical care, etc. Migrant population (people who do not live in their registered place) cannot enjoy various welfare benefits and adequate opportunities for studies and employment offered there. Many residents who live in the banlieue of the city or village within the city cannot engaged in agriculture even though they hold agricultural Hukou. Meanwhile, many residents from rural areas who work in city cannot get a non-rural hukou. This is a deep-rooted and fundamental problem among Chinese people. Actually the Chinese government is in a dilemma. If the government allow free flow of people, many of them will choose to go to cities, which may also cause other problems. If the government keeps implement household registration system, the descendant of peasants will also be peasants or cannot be a registered citizen in cities, which also causes perpetual impoverishment. Therefore, this is a quite thorny
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