Essay On Rural Urban Migration

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Migration is a process that gets intensified with the process of economic development. Among the various migration streams like rural-urban, rural-rural, urban-rural and urban-urban, population mobility from rural to urban areas is a common and ever-increasing phenomenon in India. Interestingly, this rural-urban migration is observed to have significant implications to the development of urban informal sector. Less skilled migrated labour are, in fact, less equipped for the urban formal jobs due to their lack of knowledge and experience and hence they end up forming ‘urban informal sector’. Thus there is an intense linkage between rural-urban migration and the expansion of urban informal sector. In fact there exists a two-way causation: migration helps in…show more content…
The share of agriculture to overall GDP in India has come down to 14 percent, while 66.2 percent of rural males and 81.6 percent of rural females are engaged in agriculture as cultivators or labourers. Inadequate diversification has taken place in rural occupations as many 66.2 percent of rural males and 81.6 percent of rural females, reporting agriculture as their principal economic activity. There is continuous migration from the rural to urban areas in search of better employment opportunities and living standard. During the last 50 years rural population has decreased from 82.0 to 68.9 per cent. Migration from rural to urban areas is up from 27.8 to 31.1 per cent since 2001. It is estimated that approximately 2 million people are shifting from rural to urban areas annually and approximately 22 million people have migrated from rural to urban areas since 2001. Agriculture provides the principal means of livelihood for over 52 per cent of our population which lives in the rural areas. It is reported that 57 per cent of urban migrant households migrated from rural areas whereas 29 per cent of rural migrant households migrated from urban
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