Ryanair Value Chain Analysis Paper

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a) Operation
Operations in value chain analysis include all activities associated with transforming inputs in to the final product form. By creating and identifying environmentally friendly manufacturing is one way to use operations to achieve competitive advantages as the business is capable in producing things that are unique, valuable and hard to be imitates. With the help of value chain analysis the company could be identify how Ryanair develop its capabilities to compete against the competitors who applied similar budgets in their airlines operations.
The operations at Ryanair focusing on low cost, as they offering lower fares compared with the competitors. They are using a homogeneous model of aircraft (the Boeing 737-800) may help to reduce the
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Low technical marketing and internet sales have reduced the number of staff in handling the customers which helped in cost reduction. Thus, the Ryanair may offer the low cost promotions in order to attract customer, and free publicity may increase the awareness among the public which enhance the sales. Online sales boost the speed to acquire customers and reduce the time in maximizing the number of seat offer for each flight. In other hands, the effectiveness of management in handling the marketing and sales division by influencing consumers help Ryanair to ensure their sales is always in consistent trends.
While, under services perspective of Ryanair performance contracts of employees have ensured that all perform at the best level and best productivity. In suggesting this idea it ensures they are able to maximize in utilization of their limited resources at lower cost. They are able to secure their most sales as being a best budget airliner provider, therefore it conclude that Ryanair cost reduction strategy is identified as a successful

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