Essay On Saboteur And The Cold War

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PEARL HABOUR AND THE COMING OF PACIFIC WAR The United States government is willing to reconsider its position on the demand which it had made earlier regarding the withdrawals of troops in china. Being aware of what happened between Japan and china the United States government will reconsider its immediate demand of withdrawing the japan troops immediately. This consideration has come after an understanding that the purpose of these troops it’s ensure that no immediate war or misunderunderstandings between these two nations will threaten peace and escalates the tension which is already there. Our objective is to ensure that our countries do not go to war and the ties between us to be strengthened. American government meanwhile will express its sincerity to the Japanese government by making sure that they do not interfere with the conflicts going on between Germany and Britain. Therefore American government will cut out all assistance to the Britain and offer a hand of trust to the Japanese government The American government is also willing to compromise and lift sanctions which were imposed on Japanese government. This is in line with showing good faith to the Japanese government. However the American government will be doing this with …show more content…

This is aiming to restore trades as it was prior to the freezing of assets. The actions of supplying assistance to the soviets union as raised by Japanese government will be addressed by ensuring that no further assistance is given to the Soviet Union as to endanger the Japanese government. By no means is the American government planning to threaten the government of japan nor is it in the process of interfering with its policies. The United States government will do so with the hope that Japanese government will interpret this as an act of good faith and compromise this will go ahead in ensure a much lasting

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