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The primary purpose of a back support or back brace depends heavily upon the person wearing it. Back braces can prevent pain or injury, reduce pain or aid in the healing of an injury or the site of a spinal operation. Lumbar supports can serve a number of different purposes as well, reducing back pain or preventing injuries in people who are required to lift heavy objects. There are several different types of supports designed specifically for the lumbar region, including the lumbosacral corset, sacroiliac belt and the lumbosacral belt. Choosing the right one is important in getting the most out of what these braces and supports are designed to accomplish. The lumbosacral corset is a type of lumbar support crafted primarily from fabric and Velcro.…show more content…
They are typically comprised of heavy cotton material with lightweight reinforcements. The pressure that these belts provide is completely adjustable, typically with laces located on the sides, front or back of the support belt. Sacroiliac belts and lumbosacral belts tend to vary in width between 10 and 30 centimeters depending on the intended usage. They also differ in where pressure is placed, impacting range of motion of the spine. Sacroiliac belts, for example, place their compressive force between the sacrum and the hipbone. The use of lumbar supports is largely accepted because they are effective in preventing spinal injuries and treating spinal disorders. Orthopedic physicians often recommend or advocate the use of lumbar braces because they provide numerous benefits with few drawbacks. There are thirty different types of back braces and supports that are available for physicians to treat spinal disorders. These lumbar braces are effective at preventing primary back pain and secondary forms of back pain from occurring by providing the right stability and protection for the spine to prevent injuries from

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