Chernobyl Disaster: The Safety Culture

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The term safety culture was first issued at the international atomic energy agency’s initial report after the Chernobyl disaster (Cox & Flin, 1998). After this, the various inquiries concerning accidents including the King’s Cross fire and the Herald of free enterprise, there have been faults in organizational structures for management systems, making significance of safety culture to the spotlight. There is some information, reports and articles relating to safety culture, though there is no universally recognized and respected meaning. Additionally, researchers have criticized past works because they were unsystematic and fragmented in particular in theoretical means. It is logical to suggest the creation of a standardized definition or model…show more content…
In conjunction with the safety culture occupational research has come up with clear links between the health and safety of employees as well as the wellbeing and work characteristics like demand and control and interpersonal characteristics. Previous research has shown some linkage between accident or injuries and demographic, personality and physical lifestyle factor factors and occupational characteristics. Inherent levels of risk are also different from within the companies and the industrial sectors. A number of occupational and individual attributes therefore are potential factors within relationships between safety culture and…show more content…
These would be preconditions of unsafe acts, contexts which allow for such events from the policies of certain organizations as well as, the organizational influences. Much like other places of industry, accidents in construction come from a series of events where the individual’s last action in the culmination of these step factors. That means the problem needs to be dealt with from the organizational culture root policies. Policy makers and planners of the safety management systems in the construction industries have come up with the work models that have led up to this point. This study forwards a model that safety culture influences the safety behavior and this goes on to modify the safety performance in a positive manner. The theoretical premise of this approach is detailed within the literature review part of the study. Organizational safety culture for the Hong Kong construction industry was measured using safety climate surveys considering the climate offers a snap of the actual

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