Essay On Safety Precautions

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Safety precautions are important to when ensuring the safety of a minor and an adult as well. Nowadays, at a very young age, children are being sent to childcare centres where they are taken care of and learn to nurture their development in many forms. There are many safety precautions that need to be taken care of by the child carers and child care centre managers to ensure the well-being of the child is safe in their environment.
One of the main safety precautions that need to be tackled is that in case of an emergency there needs to be a safety evacuation plan. This can be useful in case of a fire or any signs of danger which may be harmful to the child and the adults involved. Several sources such as articles, journals and books have all agreed that having a good safety evacuation plan is essential in all countries and needs to be
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Clark says in his research report. Zamani, A. Rahman, Ed says, in the book Health and Safety in the child care setting: prevention of injuries Module 2, second edition, A Curriculum for the training of childcare providers, that “the curriculum module is intended to help childcare providers needs to understand how injuries happen and how, by planning ahead and taking simple precautions, most injuries can be avoided.” The module will cover topics such as the risk of injuries when children are left unattended or injuries related to the stages of development and poisonous substances which should be locked in a cupboard or cabinet that children cannot open. This is similar to what Dr. Clark said in his research report, if the child carers will have lack of knowledge about these types of substances children will be exposed to various injuries and harmful the help of Zamani, A. Rahman, Ed there is a guide in order to help the child care providers in acquiring this knowledge about these issues and take safety precautions in order to prevent any type of
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