Essay On Sale Of Human Organs

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Many people die waiting for a transplant. Kidneys are most in demand, many patients suffer kidney failure. Other organs in demand include livers, hearts and lungs. If patients don’t get the organs they require they will die. The sale of human organs should be legalized.
There are plenty of people dying to buy organs and plenty of people to sell organs. It seems a perfect compatibility. So why are we standing on the way? We should not be against the sale of human organs we should legalize it. The lives of our loved ones should not be wasted, they should be saved. There are lot of people that are in need of a lifesaving organ, but the waiting list is too long. With the legalization of the sale of human organs lot of lives will be saved. Everybody will benefit the patient will get the new organ and the donor will also get something
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According to my opinion the number of organ donors can increase while they know that they will be getting money in return and they can improve their lives somehow. The reason why people don’t donate is because they don’t get something in return which is not far for a donor. It is an individual decision what to do with their body and no one to stand against it. If you decide to sell you organ then no one should stand on your way. Everyone is their own judge and can be a donor. Legalizing the sale of human organs can also minimize the corruption presently associated with the organ black market. The reason why there is these black market of organs is because the selling is not legalized. It can also make it easy to ensure the accuracy of operation and so safer. Legalization can also stop the theft of organs and abuse of people like chines prisoners who are currently utilized for their organs. Authorities will become responsible to an open manner recognized and enforced
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