Essay On Salem Witch Trials In 1692

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Why Did Salem Happen? Salem Massachusetts in 1692 was a dark and trying time in the history of America. During this time our young country experienced what some might call an epidemic or an attack, not like the small pox or the Native Americans, but one that was self imposed, and just as destructive. The events started with accusations from young girls, which turned into trials with no proof, then false imprisonment, and ultimately led to the hanging of nineteen innocent people. But why did they start? Was it because of a slave? Did they fear of losing their religion? Or could it have possibly been food poisoning? And how did it all end it so easily? The trials are one of the most talked about events of hysteria and scapegoating in American history. It all started in January of 1692, when a group of eight young girls started having random outbursts of seizures, contortions and screaming fits. The girls then started accusing innocent women of being witches, and working for the devil. The first three unfortunate victims the girls accused of this crime were Tituba, a slave, Sarah Good, a …show more content…

You think food poisoning would have nothing to do with accusations of being a witch, but the evidence is really compelling. Rye was the stable grain of Salem at the time, and in the summer of 1691 it was said to be incredibly wet. Extremely wet conditions when growing rye causes a poisonous fungus to grow on it called Ergot. If someone were to eat Ergot the side effects are incredibly similar to the outbreaks the girls were having. “Ergot poisoning can progress to gangrene, vision problems, confusion, spasms, convulsions, unconsciousness, and death.” (WebMD) In the summer of 1962 the town is said to have experienced a very dry period, which would be more satisfactory conditions to grow healthy rye in. The hysteria, trials, and executions ended the same time that summer

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