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In my life I’ve been freshwater fishing and saltwater fishing many times in a variety of places. Throughout my experiences I’ve realized that a large amount of people consider all types of fishing to be the same, this is not true in many aspects. It can be divided into two categories: saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. I’ve caught a 40 inch northern in Canada (freshwater) which is a big fish, and it only took me ten minutes to get it into the boat. However, I caught a 42 inch shark in Florida (saltwater) which took me 20 minutes to reel in, and that is considered a small fish. They both have unique characteristics that make them completely different things. I’m going to prove that all fishing is not the same, saltwater and freshwater fishing are different sports based on dangerousness, cost, species, bait, and boat type. Most people assume fishing is a safe and easy hobby, however, fishing can actually be a dangerous activity. Saltwater fish have the potential to pull you into the water, bite you, or even sting you. On a fishing trip in Florida, my…show more content…
Freshwater fishing doesn’t even require a boat, but for best results it is recommended. Therefore, freshwater boats aren’t anything special, you can use a pontoon, ski boat, or even a speed boat. There is no specific requirements in order to be able to fish safely in freshwater. I personally have fished from all three of those examples, and all offer their own benefits. Saltwater fishing boats have specific requirements that need to be met in order to safely fish in the ocean. These include the size of the boat, ability to withstand waves, and technology to contact the Coast Guard in case of emergency. All of these factors make buying or renting a saltwater boat very expensive and it requires research to make sure the boat is equipped correctly. Overall, freshwater fishing is more cost efficient and generally safer than being on a boat in the

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