Jude The Road To Salvation Essay

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Long ago, there was a man that spoke of salvation, the salvation of every person, including people that had no hope. People whose condemnation was undoubtedly certain had a new chance to start a new life that could relieve them of their wrongdoings. This man gave these people hope, faith, confidence, and desire to peruse a life they never had thought could be possible. Salvation is every human’s choice big and small, if you do not believe or follow the way you shall be condemned to the everlasting fire. “Jude” is a very short but captivating book in the New Testament. Jude is a servant of Jesus Christ and a brother of James. In this ephemeral book Jude speaks of sin and doom of ungodly people in this word. Not only did god banish the ungodly…show more content…
He illuminates how people should act and how they should not act. Individuals should segregate themselves from the unholy people to secure a firm relationship with god himself. God will help keep you on a straight and narrow path to redemption as long as you love and trust in god. Finding yourself is necessary to find god as many Christians learned. As he passed through Egypt and nearby towns and sent many people who could not find themselves and would not accept the lord to the everlasting fire. If every individual loves and obeys the lord heaven is right around the corner while damnation is around the other for the people whose chose to not live and follow in the footsteps of the lord. Is life worth living if you make no decisions that will ensure a long and prosperous life on the other side as long as individuals do these simple tasks, or do others simply believe in another way to this paradise? In many eyes the people of Egypt simply chose to believe and in the eyes of others, they were scared if they didn’t believe they would burn everlasting. Would these people now change their thinking and ways now that they have experienced the interal fire, and do these people ever get a second
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