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Marriage is a ceremony in which two people are married to each other. It typically happens between two people of the opposite sex. But there is another kind of marriage that is held between two people of the same sex, this marriage is called same-sex marriage. This marriage can be between both males and both females. Indeed, marriage is marriage, man and woman or woman and woman or man and man.

What is the status of same-sex marriage in the Philippines? Although same-sex marriages are not legally recognized by the government, “The Metropolitan Community Church of Metro Baguio in the Philippines conducts holy unions for gay couples because they say ‘no law is higher than love’” as stated in Leach’s article (2012). After this controversial event, the issue about homosexual union came into the limelight. Many views and arguments arose regarding equality on sex and religion. The researcher aims to prove that equality must be implemented in all aspects, including the right to be
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Legal civil protection should be given to the members of the LGBT community as they are prone to bullying and sexism. As of this moment, there have been bills on same-sex marriage that were passed on the congress but there were not enough support for those bills. There are different views and opinions on same-sex marriage. While some oppose, there are some who support and agree on this.

Marriage equality can be achieved in the Philippines when the constitution is amended. Because according to the law, marriage is a union between a man and a woman thus limiting the marriage to opposite sex partners. There have been high interests in same-sex marriage in the Philippines since 2011 according to Google. The Philippine government should recognize the rights of every individual to choose the one they would marry. Marriage is for two people who love each other, and there should be no discrimination among

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