Essay On Sand Creek Massacre

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Colorado is an incredible state with astronomically panoramic that views that some people believe are the most beautiful sights in the world, cascading over the entire region. It became a state on August 1, 1876, and since then this region has been through a lot over the years and some of these scenes have not always been beautiful. Unfortunately there have been some not so pleasant sights. One of these horrific sights would include the Sand Creek Massacre. The Sand Creek Massacre was a true surprise ambush that was a true impact on Colorado history which was not only out of context but an attempt for political advantage. The battle was a camouflaged attack on the Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians, killing innocent men, women, and children with…show more content…
It was also said at the time of this battle the soldiers were very intoxicated. Chivington did not want this to get out so he had 6 members of his troops arrested. One of these people was Captain Silas Soule, a friend who partook in the Battle of Glorietta Pass. The Captain agreed with the killing of the Indians, but did not want to participate in the butchering of these people that they just did away with. After the arrests, there was a full investigation for the event of the Sand Creek Massacre. Coincidently, Silas would be shot on the streets of Denver after he was released. We never heard what Silas knew about Chivington. Chivington would not be charged with anything. An army judge had words about the Sand Creek Massacre. "The massacre was a cowardly and cold-blooded slaughter, sufficient to cover its perpetrators with indelible infamy, and the face of every American with shame and indignation." He would state [2.] Chivington wasn’t punished but he was forced off of the Colorado militia, drop out of politics, and avoid state campaigns. In 1883 he tried his luck again with politics but his charges would force him out. He finally returned to Denver as deputy sheriff until he died
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