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Presurface treatment of all Materials by sandblasting. Shikha parashar1, A.K.Parashar2 B.Tech 3rd year (mechanical) Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India.1 final year(mechanical) Karnataka State Open University, Director DGAQA, Ministry of Defense, New Delhi,India.2 Abstract- Sandblasting is a general term which is used to describe the act of propelling very fine bits of material at a high velocity. This process is used for cleaning or etching the surface before the treatment of the surface. Prior to powder coating, painting or spray galvanization, metals are required to be sandblasted according to their surface conditions. The use of diverse blasting…show more content…
Pretreatment for powder coating. Pretreatment means surface preparation before powder coating. Here it is called metal pretreatment as the powder coating is predominantly applied to metals. Tendency of material Tendency of material is to have a lot of irregularities and scratches on the surface. Need for sandblasting The surface preparation includes mechanical cleaning. This cleaning includes methods like scratch brushing and sandblasting. In this the abrasive action not only removes the surface impurities but also eliminates scratches and surface irregularities. Sandblasting is very good, however coating must be done immediately because cleaned surface is in a highly reactive state and corrosion occurs very soon. 5.2. Pretreatment for galvanized sheets Tendency of material- Like Aluminum, galvanized material has a tendency to undergo natural corrosion forming a thin layer of zinc oxide or zinc carbonate on surface which is commonly called as White Rust. Need of sandblasting- Galvanized material generally has a tendency to form white rust on its surface. This is not a good base to apply powder or any other coating. Hence, it must be removed before powder coating. Apart from this, there may be oil on the surface which may have come during fabrication process. This must be removed to have proper bonding of powder

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