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A pre-eminent sanguine is not at all meticulous or careful. He doesn’t give much care to order or cleanliness. Later on a play or after finishing the homework, a sanguine child would often leave his books, toes, etc. scattered on the floor or table. In case of an elder also we can see the same. A sanguine person always does his works in a quite reckless way. Now going through the topic about relationship, we can say the sanguines form deep attachments with no single. Nothing touches them profoundly. Superficiality prevails in their relationships as well as every bit in everything. They often behave with others showing too much intimacy as if they would have eternally bonded to each other, but in reality that is not usually the fact. Actually what they indicate, really they are not; they are the men of false show and…show more content…
Very likely if you trust on a sanguine then you may have to atone for it. Though the sweet and alluring behaviors of sanguine people please everyone, their words are not to be relied upon. Still, at times they become too disobedient as like the choleric ones. But usually they don’t answer back or refuse something directly. Instead, they are the yes-men who always show their agreement to whatever they are asked to perform, but never keep to their words. They simply say ’don’t worry, I will do it’, and after that you better know how much serious their commitments are. This is the way they manage everyone. (Being very disciplined and moralistic the melancholics always keep their words. The phlegmatics are also trustworthy because they are very simple and naïve. But the cholerics, though, are much loyal and trustworthy; at times deceive others about their commitments if it helps them to achieve something or find their goal. To get success and victory, they can cross each and every moral and disciplinary boundary and to any

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