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Saturday Night Fever, The Bee Gees, disco balls, and all night long dancing might be a couple thing you think of when you think of disco fever. Disco is remembered by all-night parties and it the dancing fever brought with it, but disco was a short lives craze in the 70’s. So how did disco die? Rock fans had a crucial part in the destruction of disco. With the death of disco, punk takes to lead in the world of music. Before the death of disco rock fans and disco fans clashed and the outcome was both good and bad. In the 70’s dance fever caught everyone with discos danceable beat. Discos popularity took off because of the freedom it gave people. Famous disco songs had themes of homosexual pride allowing the gay community to have more freedom to be themselves. The group most famous for their work toward gay equality was The Village People. The dancing fever craze helped a lot of dance clubs pop up. The dance club you were allowed in to depend on your statues and your ability to dance. The book list one of the most exclusive clubs to be Studio 54. As disco started to fall the movie Saturday Night Fever helped disco…show more content…
Rock fans were being outraged by their favorite bands jumping on the disco trend, and they decided something had to be done. Steve Dahl is a prime example of this hate, and even started the Disco Sucks campaign. The Disco Sucks campaign lead to violent riot and rallies against disco. While disco was blurring lines between blacks and white and gay and straight, the hatful environment against disco promoted segregation. This created a push to go back to the roots of rock and roll, but it also created a group angry rock super fans, this lead to the natural progression from disco to punk. Even though disco and punk seem very different, they have a lot in common. Both focus on the music and not the lyrics, and both are wrote and composed to appeal to the

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