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In an introduction, school bullying is very common in our society. There are many suggestions for solving school bullying. The most popular policy is a ‘zero-tolerance’ policy. But their actions have their reasons and motivations. If we do not understand why students bully their schoolmates, we cannot solve this problem completely. The age of school bullying is age 11 to age 16. In that range, teenagers are egocentric. Teenagers want to achieve personal goals and social prestige. Mainly, there are three reasons to explain school bullying. (1) Bully can get an attention because they are doing immoral activities. They can reach their purposes. (2) Some students are just for fun. (3) They are antisocial.

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Second is social positioning which is 41 percent such as the status-seeking bully, it means bullies step up their power. The third is emotionally driven which is 21 percent, for example, jealousy is because of smarter than the bullies. The fourth is thoughtless behavior, it is 7 percent. They do not know why they bully someone, it is no reason. In this study, we get four types of bully attributing. Summarize the reasons in these four…show more content…
This survey collected 471 students from eight normal secondary schools. They are from years 7, 9 and 11. Interviewees separate two groups which are a male group and female group. Interviewers collected the data from those two groups and analysed it. About the result, there are top five reasons for bullying. They are ‘their skin colour’, ‘their religion’, ‘will not fight back’, ‘good-looking or ugly’ and ‘the cloths they wear’. The skin colour is 63 percent and their religion is 41 percent. The data shows us the problem is very important that is racial

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