Essay On School Bullying Incidents

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The Effects of School Bullying Incidents In recent years, more and more school bullying incidents have been reported by many media on the internet. School bullying is defined as a type of aggressive action in which one or more children intend to harm or disturb another child who is regarded as having no ability to defend himself or herself (Glew, Rivara, & Feudtner, 183). The definition shows that the children who directly involved in a school bullying incident could basically have two characters: bullies and victims. The effects of school bullying incidents on children are immeasurable. According to Nansel’s study in 2001, in a more recent national study, nearly 30 percent of the students surveyed reported being involved in bullying in the current term as either a perpetrator or a victim (Nansel et al., 2094-2100). This study suggests that school bullying incidents has already become serious issues. Each of the school bullying incidents has brought great negative effect to society but there…show more content…
A study in 1991 of Glew found that 60 percent of the man who bullied others in grades 6 to 9 had at least one criminal conviction by age 24 and 35 and there are 40 percent of them had three or more convictions by this time (Glew et al. 183). Based on the evidence, these bullies may get used to bullying other students at school so they could be engaged in some criminal events when they grow up. These school bullying incidents could be harmful for their future development as well as the social safety. Therefore, the long-term effects of school bullying incidents on bullies are harmful and the bullies make themselves victims in some aspects. The two group of children who are divided into victims and bullies are directly involved in these school bullying incidents. There are another group of children are indirectly involved in these incidents and are affected by these
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