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What are the Common School Bus Traffic Stop Laws

School bus traffic laws are designed for ensuring the safety of your kid. The student safety is the responsibility of every citizen. With the help of traffic stop laws, you will be able to understand the precaution you should take as a motorist or road user for better safety.

As per the law, every road user should wait patiently for the stopped school bus loading or unloading, so that students can alight or board safely. Want to know more about the law? Let's check it out.

School Bus Stop Laws

Different states have different school bus stop laws. But every state demands the drivers to wait until the school bus driver safely boards and alight students. If a stopped bus shows flashing red
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There is an exception to this rule, that is, when your vehicle is approaching the bus from the opposite direction with minimum two lanes in each direction. Meanwhile, you are not supposed to overtake a school bus when its red or amber warning lights are flashing.

3. Is there any need of stopping for the school bus on a divided highway?

No, you are not required to stop your vehicle for the school bus with red lights flashing, especially when you are travelling in the opposite direction or the roadway, have several traffic lanes in it, and is separated by a median or solid barrier.

4. What is the nature of penalty for passing a vehicle illegally?

As per the Law, when a vehicle illegally passes the stopped school bus, the person who is driving the vehicle will be suspended for 3 months for the first offense, one year for the second offense, if the offense occurs within a period of five years.

5. Is there any fine for passing a stopped school bus?

Yes, there is definitely fines for passing a stopped school bus. And it varies from one state to state. Usual punishments include a fine ranging from $100 to $1000, taking away certain points from license, seize the convict for a few months imprisonment, and a few months suspension of the driving
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