Essay On School Dress Code

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Students wake up every morning staring at their closet wondering what they are going to wear to school making sure that it fits the dress code standards. school dress codes don 't allow you to dress with the trends without getting dress coded. School dress codes is body shaming Girls by what they want to wear to school. Girls have trouble with dress codes because they can 't show their brushed up or any skin on their body that 's distracting. school should have a dress code because students can express their identity through their clothes, show their creative imagination, and dress codes are unfair to girls. Parents already spend money buying student clothes that they like to wear and having dress codes…show more content…
Having dress codes can also be uncomfortable especially with changes in weather throughout the school year. Most dress codes involve long pants for the boys and skirts for girls. During warm summers it can get real hot wearing long pants and in the winter, the girls would not be comfortable wearing skirts in freezing temperatures. To pay attention in school you need to be comfortable in what you are wearing without distractions. There is also the burden and additional expense to parents with students wearing dress codes for school and the other clothes after school which could double family budgets. Students can express their style and identity through their clothes. Students would like the freedom to keep up with latest styles and fashion and having dress codes takes that away. Lee Rowland, “School dress codes are saying that the self-identity that you want to express through your clothes doesn 't belong here.”(Rowland 1). Having a dress code sends a negative message that a person self-identity doesn 't matter and all that matters is focusing on their education. While that is the ultimate goal, to be successful in life is not to conform but to adapt as well. A majority of jobs in our society allow for one to express themselves by what they wear. Dress code takes away people 's personality that they put in their clothes they wear in everyday
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