Essay On School Dress Codes

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A high school senior: "We were made to be different; we were not made to be uniform (Kizis)." In this quote, the opinions of many students about school dress codes is represented in one sentence. School dress codes were created at first by schools in order to keep students focused on their education instead of things like gang violence, girls, political opinions, ect. Based off of studies conducted by Sam Houston State University, there is no significant impact on learning because of dress codes yet they are still being used in schools all across the country (Krystyniak). According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, 20 percent of schools required a dress code in 2014 and since then, the number as increased (Truong). As many have realized, girls are greatly affected by being dress coded, whether it is a effect currently occurring or an effect that will occur in the future. In some ridiculous cases girls have been sent home for wearing sandals without socks, having bare legs, and even in some cases wearing long sleeved, high necked,…show more content…
As shown in this paper, school dress codes affect girls negatively by restricting expression, diminishing confidence, and establishing platform for sexism in later years. In regards to restricting self expression, school dress codes take away girls’ differences, prevent personal opinions from being shared, and deny them their constitutional right of freedom of speech. In closing, on the point of diminishing confidence, school dress codes diminish girls’ confidence by putting them through embarrassment, body shaming them, and teaching them that their appearance is more important than their education. Lastly, in regards to establishing a platform for sexism in later years, school dress codes impact girls by teaching boys that women are objects, valuing the education of the male students over the girls, and targeting the girls more with these dress code
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