Essay On School Fundraising

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School Fundraising Sucks
Imagine this, your son or daughter comes back from school, crying after the teachers have continually harassed them to buy the overpriced food for school fundraising. This is obviously bad for the kids and their education, and schools never manage to fundraise properly. Schools nowadays are always asking for money and they never manage to get the money they want. They always buy things that are suppose to benefit their learning and instead they buy useless items that are suppose to “enhance” the learning of students. They are never able to effectively communicate to us what the money would be used for. For the parents, they generously empty their pockets and give them the money they want while we can’t guarantee that the money would be used for a good purpose. School Fundraising is a pain in the butt, however it could be improved.
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The elementary school I went to, David Lewis, school fundraising basically consisted of the staff harassing us to buy overpriced food, overpriced snacks and etc. They never told us where the money was going & obviously no one cared about it because we weren't guaranteed the money was going to a good place. However, even though the fundraising was bad, the school would continually give back to the students with their occasional festive days. The problem is a combination of them using money for us generously, and buying stuff we wouldn’t need. This would result in overpriced food to compensate for the lost money. Now this is a huge problem, especially for the school. That’s because they would need to sell overpriced food, which people wouldn’t buy, and somehow get the money to continue to give back to the students. However, it isn’t the end of the world yet, there are ways to fix
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