Should Gum Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Have you ever had gum and tried to hide it by sticking it under a desk. Or maybe even choked on it when trying to hide it from a teacher or fellow classmate who might snitch. Many people will disagree with the fact that gum might help students learn. They are caught up on the negative reasons and downsides to having gum in a classroom or even on school grounds. They aren’t looking at the reasons gum may help students in classrooms study, learn, and excel in their usual environment. This can be a turning point for people who don’t know how gum can make many succeed. Gum is a way for people to focus on something without taking away their entire thought. Gum can be helpful if used in the right way and many people don’t even allow it. Why?
When you are sitting in class and can’t find a way to get your gum to the trash without the teacher noticing what are you supposed to do? The only option reallly is to stick it under your desk, under your chair,
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There are many more benefits to having it than not having it and it can help with stress and anxiety. Students will be able to use gum to really deal with all of the thigs that are expected of them with a little boost. Gum. 87.5% of the people surveyed agreed that gum should be allowed if used responsibly. Only 14.3% said that it shouldn’t. This means that a majority of the teachers and students are in favor of having gum with some guidlines. Another reason, is gum is something that is easy and cheap It can be provided through the school and they can have specific schedules. Gum has many reasons why it should be allowed. Once again, another reason students with gum will go above and beyond with it is it has the ability to releive stress and anxiety. Research has shown that chewing on a piece of gum can releive stress and anxiety and increase alertness and blood flow in the brain. This is perfect for school because it can help in more ways than
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