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Recently schools lunches have played a big factor in obesity with children. Every year the ratings go up due to school lunches many schools don’t take the time to actually make the lunch’s right. One of the main problems is that schools don’t provide enough fruit and vegetables ( Ann cooper and Lisa m. Holmes made it clear that the only reason why French fries are allowed in the school cafeteria’s is because they are baked. (, 1)
Researchers have found that another reason why school lunches effect children is because the school lunches don’t provide enough nutrients. (Dr.Axe.1) many companies are contributing to this crisis they might not think so but they are the ones that deliver the food to the school for the kids. A lot of people also fail to realize that a la cart also plays a major
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homemade lunches. Lunches from home were compared to lunches at school and 38.2 percent were from schools lunches and that percentage was for the kids that were more likely to be overweight and obese. (WebMD) reported that found out that when kids eat they eat at school they eat only two servings of vegetables a day. One third of the kids in America are obese or overweight that means kids are in more danger of experiencing high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes and as they get older it may get worse if they continue to eat the way they eat. (Michael Barrett) made a valid point when he said that kids should not pack their lunch by their self because nobody is there to stop them. More than 45 percent of kids trade lunches at school or if there is one available they might use the vending machine instead of switching lunches. Studies say that more than a thousand six graders that will eat lunch at school more than 35 percent of them will become more obese than the kids that bring lunch from home that is because most schools lunches rely on high energy and low nutrients. (web.MD,
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