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Nowadays, most of the school has their own rule to control the students. Almost of students get tired because of strict rules. Although if I could change one thing about my school, I will change the restrict rule in our school. For example, I am gonna change rule related with our appearance. School uniforms, piercing, and free dying. Firstly our school uniform rules are no other jacket, only school jacket, shirts, and trouser. Secondly, boys can’t piercing. Thirdly, students can’t dying hair. Thus if I have chance to change school rules, I am gonna change the rule related with students appearance.

I am going to BIS which is called British international school. British school is the most strict school in the world, it reason why I want to change rules related with students appearance. Our school uniform
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They usually learn about Mathematics, Language, Science, Politics, and History. However, the ultimate purpose of schools are live a better life and get a job. If students just learn about mathematics and like this subject, they will get bored of school and give up to study. So if students learn specific careers and jobs instead of general subjects, it can help their future and they are not get bored of school. Thus I think schools should teach students about specific careers and jobs instead of general subjects.

When I was in elementary and middle school, I always learn about Mathematics, Language, Science, Politics, Ethics, and History. Gradually, I get bored of school and I do not want to attend school anymore, suddenly our school chosen by creative school in our city. Thus we started learn how to find our careers and think about our future job. This was so fresh and my friends and me are getting interest in that subject. Like this, if school teach us about specific careers and job instead of general subjects, we don’t get bored of school and we have interest to go to
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