Argumentative Essay: 6 Hours Of School Starting Time

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Students sleeping hours are diminishing do to school starting times. Kids sleeping patterns are being interrupted by the schools hours, not having enough sleep can interfere with your everyday life style. “Today nearly 2/3 get under 8, and 2/5 get under 6 hours of sleep per night. Nearly 10% of U.S. high schools currently start before 7:30 a.m., 40% start before 8 a.m., and only about 15% start after 8:30 a.m. Over 20% of U.S. middle schools start class at 7:45 a.m. or earlier” ( My belief is that we should leave the starting hours and i will show beyond doubt that i’m right by examining the many pros, cons and statistics to this topic.

School starting hours have been the same for numerous years. It has given many healthy tips to the the upcoming years of the students lives. This paragraph will clarify the top 3 pros to this topic. To begin with, students will get the recommended hours of sleep per night. Do to the schools starting later the students will sleep in, and will get there recommended hours of sleep. Preschoolers need 8-14 hours of sleep, elementary students
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This paragraph will exponentially impact your final thoughts about this argument in 3 ways. First of all your will not be prepared for jobs in the upcoming years of your life. Jobs are an essential to your everyday life. If you are used to waking up in the mid morning for school your body will be very unfamiliar of the starting times of jobs. In other words if we stick to the school hours you will be prepared for the upcoming years of your life.It has been proven that waking up early can help with the amount of energie you have throughout the day. In addition most people think about themselves and forget that it your parents or the bus driver drives you to school every morning. Adults tend to have jobs that start earlier. Therefor you schedule will somewhat interfere with
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