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The health of students should be without a doubt, the school’s first order of priority. Stress has become a big issue among students living in Hong Kong, especially over the recent years. Leaving stress unmanaged will cause serious long-term health problems. Schools in Hong Kong should make an effort to help maintain and improve the emotional well being of students by introducing stress management as part of the school curriculum. Stress is a human response to a stimulus. ULifeline argues that stress can be both good, and bad. When the body recognizes stress, it switches into fight-or-flight mode releasing various hormones and chemicals. In response, your heart rate and blood pressure may start to increase. Stress is an impediment to learning and academic success. As a study from 2013 conducted by five neuroscientists from the New York University indicates, the slightest amount of stress can already hinder our ability to control our emotions. Lead researcher Candace Raio, Ph.D, affirms that the stress we face everyday can affect our competence to cope with fear and anxiety. Hinton, Miyamoto, and Della-Chiesa, demonstrates the significance of positive emotions towards…show more content…
As Hinton, Miyamoto, and Della-Chiesa suggests, schools can help reduce students’ stress levels by creating more of a nurturing and supportive school environment as supposed to one emphasizing on exam scores as Yeung argues. Creating a cozy, quiet space in the school for students to relax and meditate can also be effective in managing their stress. Counselors or other trained professionals in this area could also provide guidance and support for students’ as the American School Counselor Association reminds us. Plourde encourages for workshops to be given not only to students, but also to parents and school staff on how to effectively manage stress in different environments such as both home and

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