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SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES PAGE SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION SERVICES In the past decade, school transportation services has gained a lot of importance. This is primarily due to a faster lifestyle and increased safety threats. The safety record of school bus is remarkable when it is compared with other vehicles. A large number of parents are now a part of the 9-6 work culture. Balancing your work time as well as your child's school time is a tedious task. And hence, it is difficult for them to manage their child's school transportation effectively. That is why, they opt school bus transportation for their children. Even in the case of parents who take their children to school in their own vehicles, the accident rate has been high. The prime reason for this is that school transportation happens during the peak traffic hours and hence there is a greater chance for accidents.…show more content…
Statistics prove that school bus is the safest method of school transportation. From 1994-2004, the total number of school bus related casualities amount to 71. But, in 2004 alone, 31,693 people traveling in light trucks and cars were killed in traffic accidents. About 24 million students depend on school bus transportation services every year for more than 4 billion miles. When you look at the death rate, it’s a mere 0.2 per 100 million miles. At the same time, automobile deaths are about eight times higher. Today, school bus is far more developed than earlier days. Modern school buses have advanced safety measures and drivers have received stringent training from school authorities. All these benefits make school transportation safer than any mode of transportation. So, it’s no wonder that lot of parents depend on school bus transportation services. But while being the safest mode of school transportation, there are a number of issues surrounding school buses. Let’s see what they
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