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School Uniforms: It is Not the End of the World
To wear uniforms or to not wear uniforms? The hot topic on whether public school systems should carry out the idea of school uniforms has been around for a while. There are people who agree with the decision to implement the idea, and there are people who believe the idea should not be implemented. School uniforms should be placed into effect in public schools, because it will save parents cash, diminish bullying, and brings a sense of safeness to the school’s environment.
Evidence shows that school uniforms have a history that dates back centuries ago in England. The students who attended the Archbishop of Canterbury wore an outfit akin to a robe that was called the “cappa clausa”. In America,
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This can lessen the bullying over who has the best styled clothing, or whose clothes is worth more. This can lead to students making bad decisions to get the clothes they wanted because what they had was not good enough. Without implementing school uniforms, someone who is being bullied and judged by their, and is lost and do not know where to turn to, might end up ending his life or someone else 's. This is not acceptable. This is not how the leaders of tomorrow should be raised and taught. Action can be either provoked now, or after names are carved into concretes and memorials have been taken placed. According to, “ Britain… half of the suicides among youth related to bullying.” Based on ABC News, the U.S. Department of Education states that over “160,000 children a day… stay home from school because they are afraid of being bullied…” If school uniforms are implemented the numbers of children not showing up to school has the potential to decrease. Access to social media makes it more easier to bully people and spreads faster. According to the infographic below from NOBullying, more than 81% of teens claim that it is more easier to bully online. Implementing uniforms will reduce the urge to
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