School Uniform Should Be Banned Persuasive Essay

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In recent years, more and more students in public schools are facing varieties of school violence, such as bullying, school crime and student fights. In the city of Toronto, the government and the department of education have been using different methods to prevent campus violence so that to provide a good atmosphere and environment for students, unfortunately, none of these methods are efficient. “Almost 47 of all Canadian parents report that at least one of their children had been victimized by bully. According to statistics provided by the Canadian Red Cross, 33 Junior and Senior High Schools in Toronto reported that just short of 50% of students had been bullied during the school year.” (Canadian Red Cross Statistics) The best solution…show more content…
Children who wear the same clothing everyday are not able to express their individuality and creativity. They even think that the root cause of bullying should not be addressed on students wear uniforms or not. The interest in encouraging on requiring uniforms for public school students is not a new phenomenon, “principals believe that the use of school uniforms can have a positive effect on violence reduction and academic achievement, and can reduce the need to discipline.” (Stanley, 424) Teenagers can be judgmental of each other and compare with each other sometimes. Uniforms can prevent students in school getting bullied, killed, sexual harass or even fight with each other about what they wear to school, if everyone all had uniforms, students would not pick on other people; especially protect the students from lower income family will not feel inferior, and reduce sexually harass based on what they are wearing. If all these issues can be removed and many school violence can be avoided. Uniforms affect student’s behavior, achievement, self-esteem and other outcomes; school uniforms affect academics by creating a positive school climate or a positive approach to learning. Wearing uniforms also saves plenty of time for students by deciding what they have to wear to school every day, so that students can spending more time focus on their school work and also improves attendance

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