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Following the aftermath of the Parkland school-shooting in Florida , many advocates, including high school students, are pushing people nationwide to participate in a ‘walkout’. Now what is a school walkout? A school walkout is a chance for students to protest gun violence for seventeen minutes by leaving their classrooms. This would include students using signs and chants to stand against gun violence, as well as to push reform on gun laws. I believe the idea of K-12 students participating in this walkout is inappropriate. K-12 students shouldn’t be encouraged to walk out because they are too young, not knowledgeable on the topic, the idea is distracting, and it is not very effective. Many K-12 students are too young to protest gun violence. If my child was in elementary school, and walked…show more content…
For example, school walkouts have been around for years. Even after brutal casualty incidents such as the Sandy Hook shooting, walkouts haven’t been effectively utilized to change any gun reform. So those who believe anything will change this time around could be greatly mistaken. Also, many students only want to participate in the walk out to get out of class. Many have no real meaning behind their decision to walk out other than they get out of a boring class for about twenty minutes. The walkout is a distraction, and could definitely disrupt a school or classroom with hundreds of students evacuating. For instance, students could leave their school and go home during the walk out. This would not only be ineffective for the purpose of the school walk out, but teachers would also be responsible for the students wrongful behavior. Leaving your school to protest can also be ineffective because students could be disciplined with detentions or suspensions. It is clear that a lot of distractions and ineffective results stem from the walk

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