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Why they should not consider year round schooling
Would you rather have summer break before you go to the next grade or not have summer break at all? In some countries they have school year round. There are many arguments that there should not be school year round, and there should be school year round. However I am on the side that argues that they should not have school year round.

One of the reasons why I am on the side that argues that there should not be school year round is because, the summer is when some teens work. Summer is when some of the teens work for money to go to college. Some of the parents won't pay for college. So it is up to the kids to work to pay for it. A variety of teens pay for their cell phones to. If they have no summer then teens will not be able to work so they will not have the money to pay for things.
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With someone in the class rooms the lights will be on so it will cost the school to pay more to have electricity. Also it might even cost the parents more money for lunches. Some of the parents don't have the money to pay for school lunches year round. One other thing that might cost lots of money is water. With students in the school year round there will be a lot more water going down the drain.

One last reasons why I don't like the idea of year round school is summer is a perfect opportunity for a kid to be a kid. It is also a good time to socialize with their friends. Most of the time in the summer, if it is warm out, they will go to the pool and talk with friends. In school they don't get to talk with their friends that often. Most of the time when they don't have year round schooling children maybe go somewhere, besides school, and make new friends.

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