Scotland's Hogmanay Research Paper

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The world around, the air we breathe, and the land we walk on are simile examples of gifts we as Americans take for granted. Millions of Americans do not realize that they are fortunate enough to live in an environment of freedom and hope. Although many countries do have similar characteristics, each country does have different, disarming history in its land, air, and people. This history can be shown in Scotland’s past during the 1950s. During the 1950s, Scotland was a wonderful home with beautiful music, food, and culture, however, like others, Scotland faced many penal moments in it’s live. Despite the dire times in Scotland, the way of living around this era was the time of rebuilding
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The Scottish returned enjoying their country's named as well as celebrating years of culture. As you can tell, culture has a big impact in Scotland. The music, traditions, and dancing can be seen everyday for hours or weeks. A fine example of one traditional celebration is the Scotland’s Hogmanay. For most people this holiday sounds very uncanny to then,but the Scottish love day strongly. Hogmanay is celebration m of the last day of the year. Differently to American New Year Eve, Hogmanay is normally followed by further celebration on the morning of New Year's Day 1 January or, in some cases, 2 January,a Scottish bank holiday. The origins of Hogmanay are unclear, but it may be derived from Norse and Gaelic observances. Customs vary throughout Scotland, and usually include gift-giving and visiting the homes of friends and neighbours, with special attention given to the first-foot, the first guest of the new year.These parties would last approxity all night, or until midnight. During my second interview with my grandmother,said “ I remember playing outside all night.Everyone on my street would come to my house and laugh for hours about the past year.” Today, Scotland throws a huge party for everyone with food, music, and new…show more content…
Scotland's weather is pretty nice for calmer dwellers.Even if you're used to it, it can still feel cold. Scotland's winters are wet and windy but not exceptionally cold, similar to North East United States. However, Scottish summers are some of the coldest in the inhabited northern hemisphere, similar to the summers of northern Scandinavia and Southern Greenland.The climate of Scotland is temperate tends to be very changeable, but not normally extreme.Winters in Scotland have an average low of around 0 °C (32 °F), with summer maximum temperatures averaging 15–17 °C (59–63 °F).Other than the climate, Scotland’s landscape is beautiful and peaceful. The cold wind rushes through the hills like a flock of birds. It fills you up with energy and hope, dreaming of a perfect place to have. The mass number of nature and creature is beyond the human mind. The plants have strong colors and beautiful smells. Natural creatures run through the woods in a funny joyful style. These animals are the mountain hare, pine marten, roe deer, Scottish wildcat, stoats, and the golden eagles. Every day, the people fight to protect the wildlife, making laws stating no hunters are able to kill or harm these
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