Essay On Scout Finch Lessons In To Kill A Mockingbird

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When many children are young, they do things that aren’t right because they don’t know better. In To Kill a Mockingbird, a Southern Gothic novel by Harper Lee, a young, naive girl Scout Finch has many misconceptions about others. Because of her immature ways, she learns many lessons throughout the first five chapters that alter her perception of others. To begin, Scout receives a lesson from Calpurnia. When Walter Cunningham joins the Finch family for supper, Scout mocks him for pouring syrup all over his food; as a consequence, Calpurnia speaks to her privately and reminds her that she should not be “remark[ing] on [a guest’s] ways” as if she is superior (Lee, 33). Calpurnia offers a valuable message that is meant to encourage Scout to withhold …show more content…

Her school teacher, Miss Caroline, tells her that she cannot read at home because her father doesn’t know how to teach. After confronting Atticus about her problem he says that “[People] never really understand a person until they consider things from his point of view” (39). This is a lesson about considering things from another person’s perspective, which is good for Scout to learn because she tends to judge people based on their looks or ways of doing things. This lesson will help her in real life because before she judges someone, considering their point of view will help her understand other people’s opinions. To end, Atticus teaches Scout a lesson about seeing things from others perspective. To finalize, Scout gets some words of wisdom from Miss Maudie. One day when Scout was at Miss Maudie’s house, she asks her about Boo Radley. Even though Miss Maudie tells her, she explains to Scout that “The things that happen to people, [others] never know” (61). This lesson that Miss Maudie teaches is about not using rumors to form your opinions about others. In the future this will help Scout learn that she needs to get to know a person before she really judges them. To conclude, Scout learns many lessons throughout the first five chapters of the book; not judging people’s ways of doing things, considering things from other people’s perspective, and not using rumors to base your opinions about others. These lessons are essential

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