Essay On Scout In Harper Lee's 'To Kill A Mockingbird'

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Scout is a very intelligent girl from birth and shows it throughout the novel. She learns to read before she even starts school, which angers her teacher due to an advantage over the other students. Scout is as intelligent as she is because of the way Atticus raised her. For being so young, she comes to understand big concepts quickly. For example, Atticus references the killing of a mockingbird early in the novel and Scout brings is back in conversation in the second to last chapter. After discussing the attack following the pageant, Heck Tate declares Bob Ewell fell on his knife and that is how he died. Atticus makes sure that Scout understands how Bob died in order to keep Boo safe and out of a courtroom. Scout very confidently agrees with the death of Bob Ewell and replies, to the hidden question of telling on Boo by saying “ Well, it’d be sort of like shootin’ a mockingbird, wouldn't it?” (Lee 276). In earlier chapters, the idea of killing a mockingbird was explained as killing a bird that was fully innocent and only sang songs that harmed no…show more content…
After Scout fights with Walter Cunningham, Jem invites him over for dinner but Scout is very rude. After a scolding from Calpurnia, Scout wants to fix her mistake and invite Walter over to play to make her for her actions. This shows that even though she can act tough and mean that she means well and has a good heart. Another kind-hearted act occurs during the trial. During Tom's testimony she realizes Dill does not feel well, she escorts him outside to get some fresh air. While these are all good examples of her being kindhearted, the biggest example is when she is with Boo. After Boo saves her and Jem’s life, she decides to walk him home per his request. She looks up and says,“Mr. Arthur, bend your arm down here, like that. That’s right sir” (278). They interlock arms. This is the number on example of Scout having such a kind
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