The Pros And Cons Of Phone Screen Time

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Does anyone else think that life would be easier if phone screen time and just phones in general were limited? Phones these past years have been getting better and better, but in reality they are getting worse and worse. It’s getting worse for so many reasons, so therefore phones screen time should be limited. This much phone time is really affecting you physically. Also we are being affected in the health area too. Some people that work hard are saying that they should actually get more screen time on there phones. What are our feeling about this? Daily phone screen time should be limited because it’s hurting us physically. For example grades are completely dropping because phones are somehow making there ways into the classroom and distracting…show more content…
Also driving is being downgraded and has become even more dangerous. Nowadays kids are learning that you can text and drive. They are learning this from their parents, aunts or uncles, and even their grandparents. Don’t be the bad example for your child, grandchild, or whatever they are to you. Also with all of this technology these days there are these apps that are basically putting an end to driving. These apps like ‘Uber’ are a company that goes around and picks you then drives you to your destination. With no like actual human driving skills or human skills needed basically. It’s because you put in your location on where you are then your location on where you need to go. Then it generates on how much money it will be and you pay online. Some say cool. Some say why not just drive yourself. Also driving is much more dangerous now because going back to texting and driving it’s very dangerous. Like what was stated earlier when your texting and driving with a younger person in the car not only are you setting a bad example and its very dangerous, it’s also a big hazard to be pulled over and get a ticket and pay a fine. Communication skills every single day are becoming worse and
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