Essay On Screen Time

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Does anyone else think that life would be easier if phone screen time and just phones in general were limited? Phones these past years have been getting better and better, but in reality they are getting worse and worse. It’s getting worse for so many reasons, so therefore phones screen time should be limited. This much phone time is really affecting you physically. Also we are being affected in the health area too. Some people that work hard are saying that they should actually get more screen time on there phones. What are our feeling about this? Daily phone screen time should be limited because it’s hurting us physically. For example grades are completely dropping because phones are somehow making there ways into the classroom and distracting…show more content…
Health is the most important part of our lives. Phones are actually ruining our health, not helping it. For example, headaches! You are most common to get a headache when your in front of a constantly moving screen and bright light. Headaches cause people to hurt and sometimes not want to get up and go out and be themselves. They would maybe rather be asleep. Which is not okay because life is short, don’t spend on your phone and having a headache and then the headache causing you to sleep or hurt. To go along with headaches it is very harmful to your health because they can cause burns, sickness or even cancer. So holding the phone near your ear can cause hearing loss. When your older hearing is harder for you, so you may make the option to make your volume louder which will make your hearing even worse. Also sleeping with your phone near your head is not good because when it heats up it might heat up too much and catch your sheets on fire. Which is obviously not good. Sleep is one of the most important details to have a good life. You can tell when someone is in a good mood. You can tell when someone is in a bad mood and hasn’t gotten enough sleep. Children are being robbed of sleep everyday because of their cell phones. Again not okay because they are going to have a bad day at school because there in a bad mood. All the moods that children have are coming from screen time. Therefore phone screen time should be
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